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VOICES ON pathik


Photo © Sihoon Kim

Program 2024

Friday, June 21, 8 pm

Johannissaal at Nymphenburg Castle, Munich


Johann Sebastian Bach:

Partita No. 1 B flat major

Franz Schubert

Wanderer Fantasy op. 17

Johannes Brahms

Three Intermezzi op. 117

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata A flat major op. 110

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"I danced through my flat the next morning still winged and elated ... "

C. R.-Th., Munich, Oct 26, 2022

"You played magnificently, and I especially liked the Beethoven and the Händel-Variations by Brahms, where you fully expressed your art.

Sincere thanks for this beautiful music night."

Kl. Z., Munich Oct 24, 2022


"I imagined myself in a hall of a Vienna Palais, and Beethoven himself is playing there ... You play different from all others ...'

Prof. Franz Wirth, München, 27. 05 2018

"'the most beautiful compliment I can make is that for instance the
waldstein-sonata appeared to me in a new light: much more enthralling
& peculiar than before - & and I have heard it often! thank you!'

Prof. J.E., München, 22.12.2013


'Schönberg was a delight ..., fantastic before Chopin ... Then, to top it all, the 24 Préludes. Vehemence and subtlety ... a serene and pleasantly unexcited, though utterly intensive atmosphere. Sympathy all along the way. Justified bravos also from me!'

M.W., München 22.12.2013

'I listened to both CDs from your last recital three times in a row - I am deeply impressed.'

Prof. M.M., München, Oct. 2017


'Here you sense at each moment that there is a HUMAN BEING playing, with full commitment, a lot of imagination, entirely alive and with great empathy for the work!!'  ... 

Werner Nänni, Hamburg, August 2010


'We attained a concert of yours for the first time, and we were very touched ... Very, very beautiful!!!'

M. H., München, 16.6.2008


'We were there, and it was wonderful, an uplifting concert ... a heartful Thank you once again!'

M. Z., 16.6.2008


'What an enchanting evening you gave to your audience!  ... An incredibly beautiful concert in a magical surrounding ... it was the most beautiful piano recital I have heard in a long time.'

E.L., München, 2.10.2006


'The pianist from Munich played ... and it was as if he sank deeply into his music. Often he took his guests with him, and he opened his eyes again only when the last note had faded from the superb Steinway grand.'

Haller Kreisblatt, 26.9.2005


'Pathik - that is an Indian name, meaning as much as 'Inner Journey'. And indeed: When you watch how the concert pianist seemingly sinks into the music while he is playing, you get a feeling why he chose this artist's name.'

Westfalenblatt, 27.9.2005


'I went home quite enchanted ... your play left me and also the other guests fascinated and touched.'

C.D., Hamburg, January 2016


'This was overwhelming!

G.O., Norderstedt, January 2016


After the first public appearance of the Blütenring Ensemble at  Blumenthal castle in October 2007 a critic wrote:

'Thundering applause for the chamber music ensemble ...chamber music at its best ... multiple award winning musicians with international experience'


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